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The Effects of Brand Colour on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Essay Preview: The Effects of Brand Colour on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Table of Contents

Abstract        i

List of Figure        ii

List of Tables        iii

List of Abbreviations        iv


1.1 Basic overview of the effects of colour on consumer buying behaviour        

How brands use the psychology of colour to manipulate        

1.2 Background of study        

Colour and Branding        

1.3 Problem Statement        

1.4 Research Questions/Hypothesis        

1.5 Research objectives        


Colour Theory and the Colour Wheel        

The Colour Wheel        

Classification of colours on the basis effect:        

3.        RESEARCH METHODOLOGY        

3.1        Research design        

3.2        Approach of the study        

3.3        Data collection        

3.4        Data Analysis        

3.5        Validity and reliability        

3.6        Limitations        

3.7        Time frame        

3.8        Budget        

4.        Ethical considerations        



Our research focuses on understanding the importance of colour in consumer buying behaviour amongst different consumer demographics, for example children, teenagers and adults who are under 35 years of age in South Africa. The research objective is to discover if product colour does play an important role in the consumer buying behaviour. This research is of a basic nature and it seeks to enhance academic knowledge particularly in the marketing and commerce field.

The following is an overview of the research design.

Research design

The following refers to guidelines observed in establishing our research design;

Paradigm- positivism because our research team seeks to collect the data with regards to the research topic in an objective manner.

Type of study- explanatory because we seek to respond to the question "does product colour affect consumer buying behaviour?" Furthermore, we will be consulting sources on previous studies conducted on the same topic and also adding our insight as well on the causal laws of product/brand colour on consumer buying behaviour.

Use of research- basic research. We would like to make a meaningful contribution to academic knowledge particularly in the commerce marketing field, refreshing the information that is already there as well as using the results sought in reference to the South African consumer context.

Timeframe of research- cross-sectional study because our research project has a duration of a year therefore we are urged to adhere to that timeframe.

Approach of the study

We have intended on using both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study because in some instances we will have to make counts (in a quantitative approach), in instances where we count the number of consumers who pick brands with certain colours as opposed to the same consumer picking colours of a different colour within the same category.

A qualitative approach would be used when participants are interviewed about what different colours mean to them, what effect it has had on them and what colour is their most preferred.

Data collection

Observation is the preferred means of gaining access to a focus group, by presenting different brands of the same category and also provide brands of another category then take note of what colours are being selected the most. Interview would then be conducted on the same focus group to derive why certain colours were selected within those product categories.

Sampling- About 50 Midrand Graduate Institute students will be used as a sample for the purpose of this research as they will represent the whole consumer market. A quota sampling is considered most suitable for this study as participants of different backgrounds, ages, sexes and income will be used for the study.

Instrument- Our questionnaires will take a closed-ended approach so we can get to analyse if predetermined variables actually cause influence in the actual final purchase decision of a product.

Questions will also take a structured approach for precise responses on our study.

Measurement- A nominal scale will be utilised because responses on the questionnaires will be of equal importance and they may all be dependant variables to the independent variable being observed on the research question.

Data Analysis

Quantitative data analysis

For our quantitative approach to the research we have decided to use a pie chart (to determine the percentage of our population sample had selected a certain colour). We have also thought of it to be a useful tool in interpreting the results because we will combine the different products which will be used as a test on our focus group according to their colours then make a graphical representation of what percentage prefers which colour over which colour.



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