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The Great Gatsby Case

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby Case

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The Great Gatsby was a great book! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves drama and crime in a 1920's setting. Gatsby is my favorite character because he is glamorous as well as lovesick. Daisy is cruel. She leaves Gatsby to die. She only cares about herself and her desires, not anyone else's. Her husband, Tom, is just as bad. He cheats on Daisy openly, but Daisy chooses to stay with Tom because he has money. Daisy's friend, Jordan Baker, the golf champion, is seen throughout the book as dishonest. She will do anything to advance herself, even if it means cheating and hurting others. Nick, the narrator, notices this in Jordan immediately. Jordan is Nick's love interest throughout the book. Nick knows everyone's secrets, and helps Gatsby get together with Daisy. He comes from the west and is Gatsby's neighbor. His house is not grand like Gatsby's; he pays eighty dollars in monthly rent. Nick is Daisy's cousin, and she trusts him immensely. Nick also knows Tom's mistress, Myrtle. Tom takes Nick to meet Myrtle on his way into the city. They meet at Wilson's Garage in the Valley of Ashes, under the watchful eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg. Tom tells Myrtle to catch the next train to New York, leaving her husband, George Wilson, at home. Myrtle gladly does so, telling her husband that she is going to visit her sister for the weekend. Once they get to New York, Tom and Nick meet up with Myrtle. They go back to the apartment that Tom has in the city and they have a party.



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