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The Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, several characters behave childishly, such as Jordan, Gatsby, and Tom, and place their desires above everybody else's well being. Fitzgerald introduces these characters to provide an example of how society influenced the behaviors of the higher class in these years of prosperity in American history, when the rich were deluded to believe that they could get anything they wanted for the right price.

While all of her friends struggle with life altering decisions, Jordan searches only for entertainment to busy her time. When Nick spends time with Jordan he is told that she is very dishonest and works only to satisfy the demands of her "jaunty body." (63) Nick discovers that Jordan is very self centered and that she doesn't have an interest in getting to know him before starting a relationship. Despite the negativity around her, Jordan is happy with partying and enjoying life rather than weighing herself down with honesty and charity. Jordan goes along with Gatsby's plan to win back Daisy, even though Daisy is married, saying that Daisy "ought to have something in her life." (85) In order to justify her actions, Jordan tries to make herself believe that she is meddling for Daisy's sake. Without knowing Daisy's opinion on the matter, Jordan selfishly makes decisions for her friend.

In his new, rich life Gatsby fights to recreate a relationship he once had with Daisy, who's now married. Gatsby threw lots of parties and events in order to get Daisy to "wonder into one of his parties some night." (84) All of Gatsby's money is thrown mindlessly into impressing Daisy and bettering her opinion of him. His only concern is making himself something that Daisy could be proud of rather than spending his money more wisely and moving on with his life. Gatsby tries to repeat the past and make everything between him and Daisy "just the way it was before." (117) Even though Daisy is with another man, Gatsby believes that Daisy could never love anyone but him. He acts more like a boy with an obsessive crush as he chases after something that he cannot have.

While Tom has a very comfortable life and plenty of wealth, he isn't satisfied and seeks after more than he possesses. When Nick meets Tom, he takes Nick to "meet (his) girl." (28) Even though Nick is related to Daisy and is one of her friends, Tom has no problem flaunting his mistress in front of Nick. Tom has a kind, loving wife at home but he feels that he deserves more and behaves immaturely as he guiltlessly betrays his wife's trust. After Gatsby tries to steal away Daisy, Tom declares to everyone that, while he may have been unfaithful, he is "going to take much better care of (her) from now on." (140) The minute Daisy's loyalty to Tom came into question, he remembered his feelings for her and reverted back into her forever honest and



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