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The Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby

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Summarize the novel "The great Gatsby"

In the great Gatsby, we learned that Nick is the narrator. He talked about a man called Jay Gatsby, which he was inspired a lot. When we first meet Jay Gatsby, he was a man with lot of money and a lot of associates. However, there was a rumors that flow around him and that turned him to be a mysterious character. By the end of the novel, we found out a full portrait of him who spread out two images. He showed that what he lives in the past, he wanted to live that moment again. Jay Gatsby is dependably loyal to everyone he loved, his father mostly and Daisy his girlfriend back in days. Moreover, the problem was that people didn't love him back and never gave him his status. They were always present at his party to have fun but at the end, they left him alone. At the end of the novel, Nick was the only person who understands Gastby. He learnt about his personality which he realized that Gatsby didn't care about wealth or any other things but he cared about love. The love he had for Daisy even though she was already married to Tom, he still believed that he had a chance to live his life with Daisy again.

"Money can't buy happiness"

Money can't buy happiness relates to the novel of 'The Great Gatsby" and to today's society. Happiness is a feeling we find in ourselves as human beings. An object such as money will never be able to define that happiness. That object can make a person happy for a moment but happiness is for lifetime. Money is however, the cause of all evil which means that it can break a relationship easily and can make life miserable. In other hand, it is true that money can buy you lot of things such as clothes, houses, cars, jewelleries but money cannot by love, the real happiness and the support we really need. Once we get everything what we wanted then money is a waste. Money in today's world makes a huge impact in a relationship. It brings respect or power and it plays a part of our life. In a relationship the issue of money has the ability to either make or to break the relationship bond. Moreover, in a relationship where money is valued as power or control by one individual can cause destruction, that is tend to blame on other. It helps the individual to have control over everything such as decision making in a household. Gaining more money can cause mental issues for example, in some cases, in a household only the man works and bring money to help his family such as wife, children and grandparents, this man have control over his family. In addition, many people believe that having more money is the key to a better life but in reality it's not. The true key to have a better life is to increase happiness and to have faith in ourselves.

Relating universal truth to the novel

"one for all and all for



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