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The Help and Uncle Tom's Cabin Comparison

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Essay Preview: The Help and Uncle Tom's Cabin Comparison

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The Help and Uncle Tom's Cabin Comparison

In both The Help and Uncle Tom's Cabin, the evil of slavery is the main topic. Both movies are during a time when black slaves are used in homes and on farms. Slaves are there to help white people with their chores, and even though in many cases they are treated fairly, they are still slaves and do not have their freedom. The way blacks were treated in these movies and their struggle for freedom from slavery is the main message both The Help and Uncle Tom's Cabin portrays. It's an important message that everyone needs to understand.

The Help shows how white women treat black maids in different ways depending on how racist they really are. Most of the black maids were treated with little respect, but there were a couple white people who actually liked their maids and treated them with respect and as a part of their families. Even though some of the maids were treated nicer than others, when the maids went home at the end of the day they were still treated as lesser people. They had to live with different rules and couldn't associate with whites at all. They had to live in areas that segregated them from whites. White people didn't dare go to areas where the black people lived. A brave woman named Skeeter who doesn't look at black maids as being slaves becomes unpopular and put down. She actually likes slaves and wants to help them by allowing them to tell their stories of what they go through in their daily lives, and how they are treated poorly by the people they work for. Many of the white children were being raised by the black maids because their parents were too busy being social, and they didn't have time for their kids. Skeeter was one who was raised by her maid Constantine. She looked at her as a mother figure. This made her realize that there shouldn't be a difference between black and white women and makes her want to help out with the issues these black maids are going through. She took a big risk by doing this and so did the maids who wanted to make it known how badly they were treated. It was a big deal for anyone to even question how black people were being treated. It caused the white person to be disowned by their community. It was unheard of for a black maid to complain about how they were treated. They would lose their job and not be able to support their families. In The Help, you don't really see black people physically mistreated, but the movie shows how they are still considered slaves being treated poorly and having no rights. They aren't allowed to use the bathrooms in the houses where they work. They are forced to use bathrooms outside, and are accused of stealing from their employers when they didn't. The Help shows some negatives and positives to how black people were treated, but the main thing was that they were considered slaves. Finally



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