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The Hiking Trip

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Essay Preview: The Hiking Trip

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In this store "The Hiking Trip" the main character Jeff is fored to take charge and over come his fears to save is family.Jeff was forced to walk threw a rocky narrow trail to get to the road but he was scared.Jeff and his family had went on a hiking trip,and several years ago his brother had got bite by a snack.

You can see Jeff's emotions on how scared he is about walkin this rocky narrow road.It seems like Jeff is scared a snack or something would biteing him like his brother.He even told his father he wants no coureg.Jeff was so scared he put his face in to his arm.Jeffs flash back probobly terified him.

But Jeff had found the coureg to go.For exampale I hate walking threw the dessert but I had to if i wanted to get home so i had to man up and walk.Thats kinda wat Jeff had to do.He had to man up and walk or him and his family would of been stranded till he choesed to walk.So Jeff drunk some water and they keep going.

So when Jeff made it threw the rocky trail he saw a car.Jeff started chaseing the car down.Then all of a sudden there was a car behind Jeff.So the trucker stop and Jeff expland to him wat had happend and the trucker had called the helicoptor.Jeff did it he hiked and got over is fear and saved his brother and family.

Jeff emotion and personality made the story more intresting.It made it more intresting cuse the arthore made it seem like he was scared to walk threw the woods.Like something was holding him back.But his emotion was scary like.Then it changed up to a brave hero who saved a life.Jeff had several emotions thre the story.It seem like he was scared,had no courage,and braved up.

Jeff's personality was a boythat didnt want courage,but braved up.Jeff's personality made the store more intresting becaues one mixed emotion seemed like several.It seemed like he wanted to go but at the same tim he was scared.His non courage personality had to get changed into a brave personality.Thats wat his dad was trying to do.Thats y his dad was say all that encouraging stuff to Jeff.



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