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The Historical Development United States

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The historical development of corrections in the United States and its influences

In the 20th century corrections where more strict in my opinion the way prisoners were punished was by physical labor which was very labor intensive and dangerous, also they had the silent treatment. How Corrections Evolved since Early Years in the United States. The first prison was established in 1790. It was known as the Walnut Street Jail, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was the first act of incarcerating criminals and keeping them away from the general public.

In 1816 New York built its second prison or as they referred to it as a reformatory. This prison was named "Auburn," and its purpose was to use sever discipline and hard work, to rehabilitate inmates. Through sever discipline and hard work in a harsh environment, it was thought to have given inmates, a reason to repent and seek salvation and change their life of crime, to the ways that fit into society. Now there are two types of prisons: 1. Views punishment as never having a chance for parole or seeing the light of day on the outside. 2. Views rehabilitation and penitence, where they should feel remorse or shame for what they did. Most of the time, they seek God's forgiveness and when they go before the parole board, they are release back out into society. Most of them come back because they have been locked up so long, they don't know how to cope in society.

Penitentiary- The word penitentiary is from the word penitent, which means someone who feels regret: a sinner or wrongdoer who feels regret or sorrow for misdeeds; someone who does a penance as directed by a priest or minister after confessing his or her sins. A penitentiary is a place where a person convicted of wrongdoing will do penance their wrongdoings.

Penitence model- A progressive reform made to replace the excessive forms of punishment.

Reformatory model- led to an emphasis on reformation, along with prison system that characterized the reformatory with schools, work training, parole, and education.

Medical model- being able to cure those who were diagnosed or were sick regardless of their circumstance which led them to prison

Community-based corrections- Correction programs are designed to punish and rehabilitate people who have violated laws. Many prisoners are able to obtain a positive experience out of this and turn their lives around after successful completion of a correction program.

Crime-control model- refers to criminal justice emphasizing the reduction of crime in our society by increasing police.

I believe they are all important to our penitentiaries and offer useful and reliable methods for those who are behind bars. The penitence model has made punishment more humane and less tortures'. The



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