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The Historical Record

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1. Considering the historical record (events/periods), demonstrate how periods of gain for women have been offset by losses using two or more examples from the text.

--Answer below:

Over history, women have had times of gain only to be offset by losses. The first example of this is what was considered the golden age for colonial women. Adapting to the New World presented obstacles for the colonist. They had to change their way of patriarchy and provide women with a larger role in order to survive. This gain of for women was short lived and offset with a loss. Once the marketplace was dominated by men, women went back to being housewives.

The second example of this is during times of war. Women were needed in the work force to do the jobs that men in the military were no longer able to do. This allowed women the opportunity to have responsibilities outside the home, earn an income, and deal with business. But again, this was short lived. Once the men returned from war, women were left without jobs and expected to return the traditional ways of living.

2. Explain how war and adversity have helped to alter and advance women's roles. Use at least one example not previously discussed in Question 1.

--Answer below:

War and adversity have helped to alter and advance women's roles in one main way; demand. War has an effect on many things. It changes our perspective on things and creates opportunity where there may otherwise not be.

World War II needed women; that was apparent shortly after the start in 1941. It was out of this necessity and demand that the roles of women significantly changed. Because women were needed to work, a government propaganda programmed allowed for childcare to be seen as positive and acceptable. This was very important because it allowed women (who did in fact have concern for their children) the opportunity to do/be more than a house wife.

I believe this single small act of changing the way childcare was viewed, was nearly as significant as the jobs created. What good would job opportunity for women have been without the comfort of knowing their children were in good hands?

3. Compare and contrast Greece and Rome in terms of their attitudes about the roles of men and women.

--Answer below:

Greece and Rome were similar for the most part but differed in specific instances. Time specifically was important when discussing Greece and their attitudes about the roles of men and women. Rome was more consistent.

In the early years of Greece, known as the Golden Age, women were treated with respect and had power. It was not until later they became more of the norm and the oppression of women held tight. Like Greece (in later years), Rome also believed that women were inferior to men. They gave all power to the eldest man in the family.

Overall, both Greece and Rome played



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