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Nine Historical Events in Nursing Research History

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Essay Preview: Nine Historical Events in Nursing Research History

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The research article that is discussed is: Persons with AIDS and their support persons: Stress and life Satisfaction.

(AIDS) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). AIDs affect not only the individual but every other individual in the family unit. Family functioning in daily life is already complex and difficult. When the dimension of a diagnosis of AIDS is added, it causes extreme stress for both the patient and family. Associated longevity alongside medication adherence, regular diet and exercise and intensive AIDS research has helped with the longevity of this group. AIDS patients are definitely living longer, making the once old assumption of AIDS as a death sentence null and void. However, what this research article presents is very interesting. Given the longevity of AIDS patients, comes with prolonged stress not only with the patient but with the support persons. The use of the Family Stress Theory is monumental in how it guides the research.

The purpose of the study:

The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of historical family functioning, family stress, coping, perceived impact of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and health stress upon the life satisfaction of persons with AIDS (PWAs = Persons with AIDs) and their support persons.

The method used:

A survey research design was employed involving 114 PWAs and 114 support persons. Data analysis included descriptive statistics, independent t-tests for gender comparisons and paired t-tests for comparisons between PWAs and support persons.

The results:

This study relied on Family Stress Theory (FST) and the ABC-X model of family stress to understand stress and life satisfaction of PWAs and their support persons. Family Stress Systems emphasize the whole family, but focuses on member relationships and interactions and the functional status of the system to address needs, goals, and sustain its members. The results of this study indicated that "to ignore partners, family or friends is to ignore an extremely critical resource for the treatment and life satisfaction of PWAs. It is critical that health-care professionals be equipped with the skills to deal with the potentiality that AIDS may be a family-related issue and can be addressed in the context of one or several family support persons." (Darling, Olmstead, Tiggleman 2010). Current family stress was indirectly related to life satisfaction as mediated by perception of stress. Female support persons experienced greater perceptions of caregiver stress. Family and health-care professionals need to be aware of the importance of family stress and coping as they influence the health stress and life satisfaction



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