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The Holy Quran Is a Great Blessing and Treasure

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"This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous." - Chapter 2, Verse 3

The Holy Qur'an' Is A Blessing And Great Treasure. The word blessing means invoking of God's favor upon a person and treasure means wealth, rich materials or valuable things. The Holy Qur'an is a beautiful blend of these two words as it makes the blessing of Allah the Almighty a real treasure not only for a Muslim but for every single person in this world.

Let me ask you this; why should one take the Holy Qur'an as a blessing? Does Allah really invoke any favors upon us by revealing The Holy Qur'an? The answer to this question is a very simple and straightforward Yes. Look at the era when The Holy Qur'an was not yet revealed. People at that time were living like animals. Thousands of idols were being worshiped. Tribes dissipated their energies in fighting with each other. Manslaughter was a hobby. Slavery was an economic institution. Women had no status or civil right so much so that they were buried alive by their parents. Drunkenness and gambling was considered as a mark of pride. Every few people were educated and the rest were proud of their ignorance. In brief, the human life in Arabia was at its extreme worst. The position in the rest of the world was more or less the same. But what happened then was that Allah the Almighty invoked His blessings upon this worst creature through the revelation of the Holy Qur'an, and in a very short span of time uplifted the man to the standard he was created on. Allah describes this standard in Chapter 95, Verse 5 in these words;

"Surely, We have created man in the best make."

The blessing of The Holy Qur'an starts pouring upon a Muslim even by its simple possession and if it is understood and acted upon truly, it can convert these blessings into a real treasure.The Holy Qur'an is the Final, Perfect and Complete Revelation of Allah the Almighty, sent for the guidance of mankind. It explains the purpose of creation of this world and that of man. This is not just a book of theory but a practical guidance to improve the quality of all aspects of human life. Firstly; Allah tells us in Chapter 51, verse 57 of Holy Qur'an...

"And I have not created the Jinn and the men but that they may worship Me."

The Holy Quran also tells us to maintain a balance between rights of Allah and rights of people. The Holy Qur'an provides principles of leading a successful and peaceful life. It teaches mannerism, moral values and social ethics to bring harmony among the people and peace in the society. The Holy Qur'an very clearly defines the rights and duties of husband and wife, parent and children, customer and shopkeeper



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