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The Korean Conflict and Its Impact on the Usa

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Essay Preview: The Korean Conflict and Its Impact on the Usa

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The Korean Conflict and its impact on the USA

By James Clemons

Some called it conflict while others called it a war no matter which side you stood on the one thing they all could agree on was that this changed the lives of all Americans.

The United States was just 5 years into the end of World War II the country was thriving business was booming the housing market was at an all-time high, yet some would say that the greatest thing being produced in the USA at that time were babies. Life was once more good in the USA. Now at the end of World War II the U. S. along with the USSR found themselves in Korea having liberated it from the Japanese in September of 1945. The USA as stated before was finding life very good at home, so when in 1950 war broke out between North and South Korea America found themself right there in the mix. While war is something we don't look forward to some good can come of it. Here are three things I think were strong developments do to the war.

1) Take for instant with the Korean War the USA made some changes in how they deployed there troops. Well before and also during World War II the U. S. had the policy of racial segregation amongst its troops, a then President Truman signed Executive Order 9981 on 1948-07-26, calling on the armed forces to provide equal treatment and opportunity for black servicemen.( So it was during the Korean War that this order saw its first action.

2) The Korean War was also a catalyst that help to drive the cold war between Russia and the United States, Where the U. S. fought on the side of the South Koreans the Russian's helped the North by supplying booth them and their Chinese counter parts.

3) This one I would have to say was a plus, for at the start of the war the U. S. back at home was finding themselves admits upward economic growth, and this war help to boost and bring about an even greater growth. This growth came about through increased sells of all types of goods, products and services, as well as the opportunities for new businesses and markets.

To answer the question as to the social as well, as the sensible, way Americans viewed the war and themselves. I'd like to submit the following, (The United States in Korea and Vietnam

A Study in Public Opinion by Major P. D. Caine, Air University Review, November-December 1968.)" The Korean War came as a sudden shock to the American people. Their initial reaction was to ask where Korea was, what language the people spoke, and what they looked like. According to Time magazine, there was no doubt in the mind of the man on the street who was behind it all. It was obviously the Russians, in a move to accomplish such possible purposes as to test American strength and determination or to force the United States to let Communist China into the United Nations.



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