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Family Case - Society Impacts

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I think society in general places a huge impact on our lives, especially since children and families are so easily influenced by the views of society. Although many people may deny it, every one spends their time worrying about how other people see them, and what they think of them. If we step back, and think about how silly we actually act, we will only feel the need to be who we really are. Society should not influence how we should and should not be. Of course there is right and wrong, but there is a difference between acting in a moral manner and acting a certain why because you think it is what society expects of you. Society places an immense impact on family life and labels the "normal" family, when the truth is that there really is no such thing as a "perfect" family. Every family has its flaws--usually how something appears is only part of the entire story. Societal expectations tend to define what jobs will be done by which family members. It is unusual, for example, for the man in a family to do all the cooking. It is also society that makes us formally get married and society also determines the expectations for the "proper" family (nuclear, single, blended). Society helps to define what values families deem important and it also helps to form family identity in terms of how the family will represent their own identities and senses of self. Another example of how society shapes family life is that the varied nature of society in terms of representing what is and/ or what should be is something that families make a strong judgment for or against. For example, if a society views one particular action or behaviour as "incorrect," the family is poised in a situation where they must choose if they will accept society's judgment or if they will rebel against it and embrace such action or behaviour.



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