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The Lesson Case

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Essay Preview: The Lesson Case

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The Lesson

"Back in the days when everyone was old and stupid or young and foolish and me and Sugar were the only ones just right." This is the perfect quote to sum up Slyvia's and Sugar's attitude and personality. Slyvia and Sugar are cousins who grew up in the same surroundings and neighborhood, the poor inner city. They ran around getting themselves into trouble often, except when they were with Miss Moore. Miss Moore moved onto Slyvia and Sugar's block and they would make fun of this woman who had nappy hair, proper speech, and would wear no makeup. "And she was always planning these boring-ass things for us to do." Miss more was the only one on the block with an college education, she would get a group of kids together and take them out for the day and teach them things. Slyvia and Sugar hated having to go with Miss Moore, they would do anything they could to try to run from her on the days they were out. There were different kids in the group, but Sylvia and Sugar got a long better than anyone else. Even though Slyvia and Sugar have their differences in their personalities, they could be predicted to have the same future by their actions, words, and experiences.

Slyvia and Sugar act very similar in situations, which would make someone think that they could turn out the same in the future. Sugar is Slyvia's partner in crime, as Slyvia is Sugars also. They love to do the same things and plan things together. "And it's like the time me and Sugar crashed into the Catholic Church on a dare. But once we got in there and everything so hushed and holy and the candles and the bowin and the handkerchiefs on all the drooping heads, I just couldn't go through with the plan. Which was for me to run ip to the alar and do a tap dance, while Sugar played the nose flute and messed around in the holy water." This quote explains that they had the same mind set and like to stir up situations. Since they have the same interest as kids, if they continue to hangout and do things together then it would be easy to see them have the same future. They so like to do things that could get them in trouble, such as stealing. In the cab, Miss Moore gives Slyvia a five dollar bill and puts her in charge of figuring out the tip when they arrive. The total was eighty-five cents and Slyvia is stuck trying to work out the tip. "And I'm stalling to figure out the tip and Sugar say give him a dime. And I decide he don't need it as bad as I do, so later for him." After they get out of the cab, Miss Moore shows them the museum they're going to. Sugars first reaction, "Can we steal?" The action from Slyvia is almost the same action from Sugar. Slyvia cheats the cab driver out of his tip so she can have it for herself, while Sugar is focused on if she's allowed to steal in the museum. The reader could predict that they wouldn't



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