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The Life of a Hot Boy: La Familia

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Essay Preview: The Life of a Hot Boy: La Familia

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November 11th the first game of the season also is a home game on a Tuesday. I walk into the locker room and place my stuff down. Im am the first person in thinking about the game. Thinking about how I neeed to play above these dude level and not play to theirs. I put in the work and now its it time to show it. I listened to EGT X videos and fell in love with them. I sit up and go to the restroom and come back to change into my gear. I put on my gridle and put my shorts over them and put my t- shirt on and bring my jersey over it. I bring warmup sleeve on to cover my jersey until the game starts. I put my headphones on play some music depending on how im feeling. Everybody else comes in smiling and laughing but not me im ready to play. All these dude in here laughed at me in the past but is going to respect my game and my play tonight. Tonight going to prove im the best player and im the go to guy. I lace up my shoes tight and head out the door to start stretching. I look into the stands to see who here and return back to the back of the locker room to say pray. Coach tarplin walks in to talk about the game plan and we all break hands and head out the floor we all the little warmup drills and im ready to play. i dribble the ball and feel good I take my lay ups and feel good I shot my first shot it goes in I feell good. I fell EGT X all coming together and I feel good. I look down at all the other players and think these dudes aren’t evening the level of dekalb county basketball so im about to get into they behind. The buzzer horns for the game to start. Coach tarplin put his starters in the game and of course im in there. We walk to the middle of the court to meet the other team. I dap up the other dude and begin to play. our big man doesent win the tip but im ready to get down and play defense. Luella dosent score and we come down to play offense. The first the play is ran for me and I come of the screen ready to score and make my first shot . I fell good and everyone around me fells good. Im playing hard my team playing hard and we go and win this game. My first varsity game was a good one. I had 20 points 10 rebounds and 3 assists . I have a feeling this gonna be a good year and cant wait till Friday against Dutchtown and that dude Bryce.



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