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Laughing Boy by Oliver La Farge

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Essay Preview: Laughing Boy by Oliver La Farge

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Laughing Boy by Oliver La Farge shows the transformations that Slim Girl makes, with illusion to her weaving. Slim Girl tries to regain respect of people whom she belongs. She was unaware of the cultural manners and rules that has come to her chances of becoming Navajo. Slim Girl transformation from an American to Navajo is filled with success and failures, which align to her experiences with weaving.

In the beginning of the book, Slim Girl, a woman who was raised by Americans met Laughing Boy at a Navajo Dance. As Slim Girl tries to reconnect to her roots of becoming a Navajo she starts to dance, which caught Laughing Boys eye. She wasn't dressed like the typical Navajo women which made Laughing boy become more lured Slim Girls beauty. She wore an extravagant amount of jewelry. "She was well dressed to show off what she wore; silver and stones with soft highlights and dark shadows glowed against the light blue velveteen of her blouse; oval plaques of silver were at her waist, and ceremonial jewels in the fringe of her sash. Her blue shirt swung with the short, calculated steps, ankle-length above the dull red leggings and moccasins with silver buttons." (16) Our team has 3 points. Our first point is testing animals in medical trials with different type of experimental drugs are used in labs because mostly all mammals like the mouse are so genetically close to the way humans are because of there genome. Testing medicines on different type of animals that are similar to humans is a good way to see if any product is good for us or if a product is going to harm us. Our second point that was made in our first opposition was "Gene similarity" to those for example of yeast, fruit flies, nematode worms and mice could be substituted for humans have been tested in labs. Gene similarity is important because without genes that are similar to ours we couldn't possibly test any products on animals that have genes that aren't anywhere close to ours. So without that we would be harmed with different type of products and our population would go down and maybe even the diversity of our economy would go down. And our third point is about DNA. All living things follow instructions of DNA and contain similar building blocks of proteins encoded by DNA. All of our points that have been made on the opposition side through this debate show that The Unity of Life is important to testing animals and looking at gene similarities and DNA.



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