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The Light in the Forest

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Home spun view on Indians and how the american advance west made them lose there lands . The prejudice and bias are rampant throughout ., Why oh why did we think we were the only race on this earth and why do other races scare us so much? Learn and experience life through other cultures be one with the universe. Take note of those around you and experience what they have to offer.Can we understand ourselves with just our own knowledge? I think not. Love, compassion and true thinking are what make all peoples of this planet what we are and to understand one another we can coexist in harmony and without strife . No more war, no more famine, no more , no more. It is written to love thy neighbor and that should be first and foremost on anyone's agenda.Propaganda and cruelty and lies fuel the non coexistence among all races . Tolerance and understanding go along way to create a life of peace and love please be loving and sane to one another ..please grow a pair. Do not let your forefathers dictate what you feel . go with your own thoughts and come to a consensus of pure thought where the buffalo roam and there is no color only shades of gray. Be one with the universe and join join join all of humanity in rejoicing about our world expand your thoughts outward to the heavens and become one all for one and one for alll



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