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Waste to Energy Excecutive Summary - the Green Light Facilities

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Essay Preview: Waste to Energy Excecutive Summary - the Green Light Facilities

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"The Green Light facilities"

Global Group Consulting Services, LLC, (GGCS) with headquarters in Miami, FL (USA) incorporated in 2002 and branches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, has focused a significant part of their practice in promoting Green Solutions in Latin America. Our goal is to implement proven Waste to Energy (WTE) technologies that will complement or solve Municipal Solid Waste needs in small to mid-size cities. With representation of various technologies, coupled with funding sources we seek to provide solutions that will empower local communities with education, jobs as well as healthier environments.

GGCS in conjunction with various companies, business personalities and local politicians has found an opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean to process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and its conversion into various forms of alternative energy or bio- fuels.

The economic situation in these territories make it impossible for local politicians to purchase or finance the technologies thus causing them to have trouble finding a socially acceptable and economic solution for the management of municipal solid waste. Landfills in most countries are operating at its maximum capacity and the livelihood of these sites are about to expire. With the growth of cities, without any planning, these landfills are located in inappropriate places or far away from the cities which adds a tremendous logistical cost to the cities. The fact that no one desires a landfill in their backyard simply adds to the urgency and reason why generating the waste disposal is a true unavoidable nightmare waiting to happen.

As of April 2011, GLOBAL CONSULTING SERVICES GROUP LLC in order to operate the right technology, has contacted, studied and analyzed 12 different developers and manufacturers of processing technologies in municipal solid waste generation technologies that produce fertilizers, bio fuels, construction materials, energy, etc.. etc. etc. we have found that some of these companies are false and that their technologies are not yet tested or those who have pilot plants are not yet commercially operational plant that makes almost impossible to achieve funding or private investors.

With access to various proven technologies GGCS can offer each individual city a custom tailored integrated solution that can cover all of the waste issues that the city lacks. We are seeking a partner to fund these projects in their entirety in order to maintain a larger percentage of ownership in each site. The amount required to fund the projects we have at hand is US$755,000,000.00.

Timing is of the essence due to the fact that currently no city is selling their garbage. All cities pay a fee to dispose of their garbage and incur in additional cost to maintain landfills. Once Waste to Energy (WTE) sites become more popular it will only be a matter of time before cities begin to charge for the raw material that will run the WTE plants. Our approach involves the community socially and economically by creating jobs, producing cleaner communities and most importantly profit sharing.

For detailed information please review our business plan and should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us at


No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise - without the express written permission of Reclaim Resources Limited.

No part of this publication may be shared with any party other than for whom it is intended without the express written permission of Reclaim Resources Limited

This document and any financial projections herein have been produced by GGCS for their own use and do not constitute a Prospectus or an offer document.

GGCS recommends that any person, company or organization considering investment in the project described should undertake their own due diligence of the project and should not rely solely upon this document and the associated financial projections as GGCS do not accept responsibility for any loss that any person, company or organization may suffer should they invest in this project solely on the basis of this document and the associated financial projections.


"The Green Light facilities" located in Latin America and the Caribbean, owned by Global Group Consulting Services LLC.


Global Group Consulting Services, LLC. Is developing projects in Latin America and the Caribbean to convert mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) - as well as other waste material - into usable products, primarily in the field of renewable energy. In order to achieve this GGCS has negotiated for exclusive rights to Reclaim Resources Limited, patented technologies and representing Menart from Belgium and Matec from Colombia.

The governments around the world are pursuing methods to protect - and restore - the environment. These actions are aimed at protecting the environment and ultimately encourage the development of alternative waste management methods. The impact of these actions creates an environment advantageous for the development of "The Green Light facilities" in Latin America and the Caribbean.

All the projects will provide a solution to numerous solid waste management and disposal issues, protect the environment, create both jobs and sources of 'green' energy all while reclaiming valuable resources from material largely perceived to be waste material.


The purpose is that GGCS will create waste to energy facilities in 22 locations around the Latin America and the Caribbean. The plants will serve numbering circa eleven million five hundred thousand (11,500,000) people and will be capable of recycling around nine thousand five hundred (9,500)



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