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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Essay Preview: The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Sohail Shaikh

1 One connection that I could take from chapter 5 is that when Jack tries taking leadership over the group, this reminded me of something. When we were working in groups of four a group member wanted to be the leader but that person didn’t get to be the leader because of the way he was. For example he would be off task while everyone was doing. About a week later he lied to the group and said that I have been doing all the work at home. This foreshadows because this shows that this person will try to take leadership from other groups that he is in.

2.  One position I would like to argue would be that I think that Jack should be the leader of all the boys. Jack should be leader because of his strong leadership by his power, attractiveness, and his experience. He has leadership qualities because no one ever disrespects him and they do what is told when Jack says so. He has experience because he was the head of the choir and also he knew what it takes to be a leader unlike Ralph.

3. Some key concepts that I should hold on to becoming a critical writer and thinker is to question things that I don’t understand. For critical thinking some things I should hold on to is observe and analyze important things. For critical writing some things I should hold on to is always provide evidence and to use multiple sources to get information.

4 At the start of the story, Ralph is optimistic, calm, and confident.  He seems to know what needs to be done to get rescued and he knows that leadership is required. By chapter 5 we start seeing that Ralph has a more serious side to him. At the start of the story Jack demonstrates leadership qualities in the beginning when he explains to the group that they have to come up with a plan to be rescued. By chapter 5 Jack doesn’t care about being rescued but how to stay alive by going hunting.



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