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Thinking as a Hobby Written by William Golding

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Essay Preview: Thinking as a Hobby Written by William Golding

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"Thinking as a Hobby," written by William Golding, has provided me with insightful knowledge into the grades of thought. Golding maintains that in order to be a grade one thinker, one must put their emotions aside, beware of those who contradict with no solution, and uncover the truth through questioning and active thinking. Upon reading the essay, I began to apply Golding's concepts into my own life. By examining and questioning my thought process, I came to realize that I had not been thinking at all. I was biting into the rotten apple of society and mindlessly accepting "political and religious systems, social customs, loyalties, and traditions (Golding)" as fundamental truths. I did not question my reality nor did I care to do so. Golding's essay taught me that in order to progress, I must think for myself. I must put Venus aside, beware of Leopards at my back, and uncover the light hidden underneath the shadow. Only when I do so would I become a grade one thinker. Moreover, William Golding's essay has provided me with new insight into the different styles and techniques of writing. Initially, I was uncertain of my feelings toward the format of Golding's essay. His lack of indentation and use of one-sentence paragraphs made me feel uneasy. Furthermore, I was not familiarized with his numerous shifts in tone. After reading "Thinking as a Hobby," I have come to understand that there are many styles of essay writing and knowledge of these styles will further improve my own writing.



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