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The Merchant of Venice Play Response

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Essay Preview: The Merchant of Venice Play Response

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        In the play, “The Merchant of Venice,” there were many things that I found interesting, however I decided to focus on the fact that everything that went wrong in the play, all ended up being okay in the end. I thought it was nice how everything worked out in favor for Antonio and Bassanio, and that Portia ended up playing a crucial part in saving Antonio’s life when in the beginning of the play they were strangers to her. She ended up finding the love that she wanted while helping her newfound husband and his friend in a truly awesome manner.

        Portia helped them when they are in court fighting for Antonio’s life, and the legal expert that the Duke of Venice called in for his trial was Portia all along. She managed to fool everyone in the courtroom, including her new husband Bassanio, that she was an unbiased, knowledgeable lawyer that was simply making the call on a contract that was written. She even managed to find a great loop hole in the contract (since the contract entitled Shylock to Antonio’s flesh, but not his blood) which ended up winning them the case in the end. She even manages to go further in her pursuit to help Antonio and Bassino, by using Shylock’s own contract against him by citing that he was conspiring against the life of another Venetian and therefore must give up his property as a result. Antonio ends up coming out on top in this situation since he gains some of Shylock’s property, which he selflessly gifts to his friend Lorenzo and his new wife, Jessica, who is also Shylock’s daughter. All of this couldn’t have happened if Portia wouldn’t have dressed up as a law expert and came to town to help at the trial. It truly showed her intelligence and suave as nobody at the time would have expected a woman to be capable of such. She showed everyone that she wasn’t going to let her gender get in the way of her helping her new husband and Antonio. All in all, it seemed like everyone seemed to win in the play except for Shylock, who didn’t deserve to anyways as anyone who wishes death on another person should receive the proper punishment. I thought the play was very enjoyable and ahead of its time, which is probably why people continue to read and appreciate it today.



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