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The Monstar

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Jacob Garcia

February 20,2018

English 10 Oakley

Period. 5

                                        Night: Unit Essay

In the book, “Night” by Ellie Wiesel, it shows that the relationship between him and his father developed in some good and bad ways. In the concentration camp, Ellie explains that it was just pure cruelty. But as we read, we fully go into depth and it was dreadful what the Jewish people had to go through.

One change that Ellie’s Father had was that for the first time ever, Ellie had saw his old man in tears. For instance, in the book it quotes,” My father was crying. It was the first time I saw him cry, I had never thought it was possible.” (pg.36) Wiesel had never seen his father cry and for the first time he finally does.  He is emotionally hurt about this because when he sees his father cry for the very first time he knows something is wrong. Another Example it says,” My hand tightened its grip on my father. All I could think of is not to lose him…not to remain alone.” (pg.45) In this quote Ellie is crying out not to lose his father, that he is the only person he has with him to get him through a time like this. When Ellie realized that his father was not doing so well he had crashed because without him he was lost. This change one affected Wiesel because he has always been paranoid of losing his beloved father.

A second change for Ellie’s father was that during the period of the concentration camp, he had been staying and getting older day by day. One is his father says,” Don’t like that. Father was on the verge, breaking into sobs.” (pg.75) This Shows that Ellies Father was at that point of having a midlife crisis. His father felt as if there was no more to live for, that he was doing no good so why be there on earth. Another example showing his father was getting older was, Ellie said,” And my Father? I thought of him now. How could he passed, he aged so much.” (pg.70) This shows that his father is aging and had passed away. Ellies emotions are hurt and now he was hatred toward God because after all Ellie has done for his God, he had let his father pass away. The second change had really affected Wiesel because he has lost his father and now has no idea what to do with his life.

Lastly, the third change for Wiesel’s father was that from this point forward, Ellie feels lost in everything, in his faith, where he is at, and what he is supposed to do. One example that Ellie says is,” You cannot think of others. You are in a concentration camp.” (pg.111) He mentions this because he thinks that he should not care for others any more. For his reason he has began to be careless for what he has done and has shown a lot of pity. An example showing Ellie is lost in his faith is he says,” For the first time, I felt anger rising within me. Why should I sanctify his name? The almighty the eternal and terrible master of the universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank him for.” (pg.33) This shows that Ellie has began to be lost in his faith with God. He starts getting mad because after all he has done for God he has given him nothing but takes away his family for him. The third change had truly effected Ellie because he has now lost all his family and now his faith with God is now not on good terms.



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