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The Monstar

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Art Fundamentals

Jacob Garcia

Hawaiian Feather Helmet <- your first lab link

  1. What is the significance of this feathered helmet?

-The significance of the feathered helmet is that it represents that if you wore the helmet you were a warrior and you became a chief.

2. Describe the feathered helmet. Which elements of art does the helmet use?

- The feathered helmet is red, yellow, and black fathers it was delicate and whoever wore it stood out from the crowd. It uses the element of Micronesian art just cause how unique and detailed it is.

3. Why are the feathers in the helmet important?

-The feathers are important because each one has a meaning of each bird like the red is a rare red birds feathers.

Hoa Hakananai'a Easter Island Statue <- your second lab link

  1. Describe one element of art used in this Easter Island Statue. How is the element used?

-One element art used was oceanic art and this element is used by the sculputure used to help shape the art.

2. What was the purpose of Hoa Hakananai'a likely to have been? Where would the statue have been placed on Easter Island?

-The purpose of the art was to show the sculpted art was a religious activity. It would have been places in the pacific island

3. This statue was incorporated into the Birdman contest. What changes were made to it as part of this?

-This changes a part of this because it won the contest and that’s what made it what it is now. It plays an important role cause it wouldn’t have been art today.

Bird-Shaped Pestle <- your third lab link

  1. Describe the pestle discussed in the podcast. What is one or more elements or principles of art that are used in the piece?

-The pestle is a stone of art. One or more of the element is the oceanic art because it was a stone of art that was a big stone that stood out.

2. What would the piece have been used for? Why do you think functional items like this are decorated?

-This piece was used for cooking and just for many things such as utensils. They are decorated cause it was such a outstanding and beautiful rock they had to decorate it and make it a piece of art.

3. What was the historical environment of this piece? How does this piece help us learn about history?

-This was an historical piece because it was a big beautiful and decorated rock that was amazing. This piece helps by leaning that art brings our family and other relations together from a beautiful art piece.



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