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The Ottoman Empire

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The Ottoman Empire

A person even has a certain age limit where an empire has to have one. However, the Ottoman Empire that is going to read about has exceeded that limit and gone far beyond the other empires when we compare. The name of the empire is as tonic as its victories: The Ottoman Empire. Now, when the word "empire" is used, the first thing that comes to mind are the wars that they attempted and all the negative things that they did in order to expand. "Empire" means the domain ruled by an emperor or empress or the region over which imperial dominion is exercised. On the other hand "state" means the domain ruled by an emperor or empress or the region over which imperial dominion is exercised. The Ottoman Empire has lived in harmony with many countries for six centuries. Therefore, by considering the definition of the empire, most people want to call it the "The Ottoman State" or "The Ottoman Government." In order to prevent any less confusion, let the journey begin!

The Ottomans are one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations of the modern period. The influential Muslim empire, and its military and culture, expanded all over Europe. The Ottoman Empire was a well-established government that lasted for over six centuries in harmony. The whole empire itself lasted from 1299 to 1923.There have been many sultans, or rulers, during these time periods and their magnificent ruling experiences.

It has been always known that the empire was "Turkish" and built on Turkish land. Although, the fact of being first built on the Turkish land may be true, the whole empire being ruled by Turkish is not true. The population of the empire once had two hundred and fifty million of people. Out of this, only eleven million was Turkish and the other two hundred and thirty-nine million was from different races and countries in Europe and Asia.

The Seljuks in Turkey were a group of people that first settled in the area and ruled. Their main goal was jihad or "struggling for religion". Their military went all over Turkey and Europe to expand the religion, Islam. This time period was from 1098 to 1308. Sultan Mehmed, also called "The Conqueror", was in charge of the east-west trade (trade between the east and the west side of the world) during the years between 1451- 1481. The empire took its place literally with its new rulers, starting with Sultan Selim.

Sultan Selim was the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Although his period of years was only from 1512 to 1520, his rule helped the empire expanded greatly under his rule. It was when Sultan Selim's son Sultan Suleyman (1520-1566 - years of ruling) called "The Lawmaker" in Islamic history and "The Magnificent" in Europe, that the empire would reach its greatest expansion over Asia and Europe.

Along with their responsibilities



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