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The Power of Friendship

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The power of friendship

Personally speaking, friendship is above religious, culture even above life. The true friendship between two or more people is only about friend but not about money or any other benefits.

One of the examples from the movie is the friendship between Bruno's sister and her friends. Although the movie did not talked about this friendship, from her words, the viewers still can tell that she missed her friends a lot. In the movie, the sister is a girl followed closely to the politics of the country. She even through all her dolls out of her room and put posters of the Nazi. In most people's opinions, such kind of girl will never focus on things like friends. Nevertheless, when she heard that the family is moving back to Berlin, she is really happy and she said that she really missed her friends. This is a good example of friendship between two people who are far away from each other.

Another example from the movie is Bruno and the Jewish boy. They ought to be enemies however they are best friends. Both of them are young children and none of them know what was happening in the world. They became friends only because they like each other and they can play with each other. Though their religious are different and their culture are different, they can still be friends.

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There are also a lot of examples from real life. During the Wengchuan Earthquake, lots of cities and schools were distorted. The searchers were searching the survivors were in one of the schools. They found two boys holding each others hands. Both of them were still alive yet only one of them was awake. The doctors then came by and gave the boy who was awake transfusion. The boy seemed very painful and everybody was confusing about that as he was in a good condition. When people asked him why, he finally controlled his emotion and said that he thought he was going to die so he wish the doctors can gave these blood to the other boy to save him because they were friends. This is a typical example of the friendship that is above life. Best friends would even give up their lives to save the others.

In conclusion, pure friendship is one of the greatest things in the world. The same as love, nothing else can break this emotion if those people are really best friends.



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