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The Power of Six

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Essay Preview: The Power of Six

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The Power of Six


The planet Loric is attacked by the planet Mogadore, though the Lorians put up a tremendous fight, loss soon approaches. The Lorians send off nine of their young destined to defeat the Mogs, with a kiss goodbye the chosen are given a guardian and a number and are sent off. The ship lands on earth and the children and their guardians go in nine separate directions in hope of training and reuniting to fight against the Mogs. Things turn sour when the Mogs discover where the chosen have gone and go on a hunt to kill and wipe out the entire Loric race.


John Smith/ Number Four: Smith's personality is a courageous guy that just wants to be normal. His flaws are his compassion claiming that Lorians only falls in love once. Yet he falls for number six and Sarah Hart so a love triangle springs up between the three.

Marne Elizabeth/ Number Six: Number Six guardian was killed by the Mogs, so she raised herself and that makes her personality so different from the rest of the characters in the book. Her flaws consisting of her always wanting to be the boss and her wanting everything done properly and orderly, sometimes it just causes fighting.

Sam Goode: Sam Goode is a good guy that helps John and Marne on the journey of escaping and Hiding from the Mogs. His flaws include his compassion towards Six/Marne goes unnoticed and she falls for John. Sam gets jealous and another love triangle forms.

Marina/ Number Seven: Marina a dorky school girl living in Spain. She craves attention from her guardian, who has lost all hope in Loric, who discovers the Christian faith while living in the orphanage/ covenant.


None Really


One major theme is this book is a similar fight to what is going on in parts of the world. The Mogs want the Lorian's planet for resources. I fell like the author takes the issues in the world.

Another theme is love. In any teen fiction story love happens. The author does a good job in this book about not making it the main theme but one of the lesser ones.



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