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The Prisoner

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Day 1**: There was danger, and it was fun. Me and my brother Tom heard a lot of noises and we were trying to spot the different sounds we heard. There were a lot of cool explosions. My brother was also looking at the planes that were flying through the air, but I don’t really like the planes.

Sometimes war isn’t fun. Like when I get woken up by the loud sirens and when I have to put my gas mask on because of the explosions. We also lended a hand to a people in a shop around the corner. A bomb had fallen there. We were watching the ‘Dog Fight’ when a German pilot was flying really low, chased by british pilots. The German Pilot got hit and was tumbling down to the ground. I thought, that was a german less, but Tom was concerned about the pilot.

Day 2: Tom wanted to search the plane, because he wanted to see what was in it. So we went to the lake and searched for some wreckage. We couldn’t find anything, so we went to the woods. Not many people go in there, because people say it is haunted. We found the plane but there wasn’t anyone in there. We took some stuff and wanted to go back to the house, but there we heard a muffled groan. We searched a bit around the plane and we found a german lying on the ground. We gave him first aid. We brought him to the old wooden shed beside the track. He was named Martin. He told us a lot of things about him. He told us his friend is named Erich, and that is family didn’t like Hitler. But he was forced into Hitler Youth by his teacher. I started to accept that enemies aren’t always so bad. He was very kind.

Day 3: Today was a sad day: Martin died… The Germans threw down bombs near the shed and one of them came to close. He protected us by bending over us and he catched all the blows.



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