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Prison Term Paper - Armed Robbery Crime

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Essay Preview: Prison Term Paper - Armed Robbery Crime

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Armed robbery is a crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force, or force by putting the victim in fear involving the use of a weapon. Armed robbery is an indictable felony offense in the State of New Jersey such offense can carry a minimum sentence of 3 - 5 year, or a maximum sentence of 10-20 years. My recommendation on the bill which purpose is to double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted on armed robbery would be for the bill to be reevaluated and revised. A bill is created to deter or enhance a specific situation within our nation. When we focus on armed robbery; and indictable offense we must not only think punishment we also need to think of a solution for a problem as well as an ultimate plan for a repeat offender. In my opinion i feel as if this bill should be passed an implemented of repeat offender who have more than one arrest under such charges. If an individual is arrested for the first time; it is imperative to try and deter such offender from future acts by providing counseling during the prison term. If an offender completes an in-house program during their first prison term they should be released and mandated to follow up on treatment in an out-patient program.

The bill can and should affect any and all repeat offender with charges of armed robbery. These types of individuals should be not only punished, but given the steepest sentence in order to prove to them that the criminal justice system has a zero tolerance for such crime. If an offender is arrested and charged with such charges before a Superior Court Judge for the second time, then at that time I feel this law should take affect. The sentence then will no longer be for a minimum prison term it will be for the maximum twice for the same crime.

My recommendation support my theory that an offense committed once can be rectified if properly treated with therapy and if the individual is willing to change. On the other hand and offender who continues to commit such acts of crime is just an individual who enjoys doing harm and therefore should be held fully liable for their acts. Implementing such punishment may help deter crime along with proper therapy. Crime deterrence can and should start within the corrections system as individuals have more than enough time to attend counseling as well as to analyze their acts and how much such acts do actually benefit them. When offenders are given harsh sentences rather than those which are like a slap on the wrist it truly makes them wonder and reevaluate their actions. Just like we have individuals who enjoy committing acts of crimes, we also have those who regret doing so and change their ways. It is all a matter of preference as well as punishment that will allow inmates to make possible wise decisions.

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