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The Romantic Movements of Shakespeare

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Essay Preview: The Romantic Movements of Shakespeare

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some sort of conclusion about what the issue is. The methods follow already calculated patterns and make judgements based on those results. Macro follows the patterns of the culture and societies based on the micro sense of things.

Another issue raised in the journal is, do macroeconomic theories change in response to evidence. Well macroeconomic theorist do take evidence into consideration and base and project results based on that evidence. Although sometimes macroeconomist are said to ignore the fact of some of the key welfare economic issues.

Finally the last issues is . is macroeconomics a healthy state from a methodological point of view. Some proclaim this illusion to believe that macro is in poor condition compared to micro. The evidence that is used may have been developed through some micro theories but are expanded into a macro sense of the issues. For example, the rapid changes in oil prices are sending most families and automobile users into a funneled economy , because if we need to get some where , we need gas. In a micro sense you calculate numbers seeing how it effects the use of income within a household. Using models to see how performance is among the market and economy , coming to the conclusions based on quantitative variables. If you looked at the issues through a macroeconomist's eye you would realize that yes it would have a effect on households and income . But not just the local areas but other areas around the world that are effected by the raising oil prices. Also macroeconomics consider the environment and how that factors in , what are the conditions are like in that certain



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