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The Short Story the Go-Between

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Essay Preview: The Short Story the Go-Between

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In the short story the Go-Between, the narrator tells us about the live on the other side, but not in anywhere near the good way.

The narrator is telling the story in first person style like you actually there and is referred in the story to as the professor.

By using this style of writing he is bringing us to Ceuta the border between southern Spain and northern Morocco.

In the start of the text you get the feeling that you in an older time because he talk about Europe as dream of his how he could imagine to be on the other side in Spain. And I thought that was something there would never happen in today's world. Then it chance when he uses a common thing as saying he has no phonecard on him, which means we are in the 21century. I think that he use a common base like a phoncard to draw the reader more in to the story so you can relate too what time you in and almost become the narrator in the story as you go along and imaging that you were in his place right now.

He then attack the authority by making them look like those scumbags they probably are by telling, they: "So they opened the big gates and rounded us all up with dogs and threw us all out". (Page 1 line 20).

And even though they were suppose to process them in to the country cause they were already there they latterly threw them out. In that moment the narrator try to make the reader feel a real pitty for the professor and then he start to tell why he was actually able to speak Spanish, French, Italian and English, and was an microbiologist before and worked in a university. In that point of the short story the narrator makes the reader feel even more pitty for the professor, because he is not only unfair treated he is smart very knowledgeable and therefore should be able to get in to Europe easy.

The narrator then tells stories of his heroic helping and how he try's to get into Europe without any luck at all, and in the end rounding of the story as it begun with a dream:

I dream when I asleep that I'm walking down the big streets of Madrid. (page last line 112).

I think Ali Smith' short story's purpose is to open the people eyes for the fact that even though illegal immigration can be an big problem in our now a day's you should try see it for the illegal immigrates perspective. It ends up giving one big question to think about, like: shouldn't the people there come from a country with problem be able to get out of there?

Some people might say no, with that argument that we don't want their problem in our country, but what about well educated people like the professor in the text should we not allow him into Europe just because he is from Morocco?

A we really suppose to go back to the time were east an west berlin was split up by a huge wall



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