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The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American War was about in the 1898's the U.S.S. Maine entered the Havana harbor for about three weeks when it blown up out if no where. There was few journalist that caused people to think that the Spanish blow up the boat. Many sources such as newspapers had reached to influence many people. The two main men's that caused the whole war was Randolph Heart's an New Yorker who wrote stories and Joseph Pulitzer. After the Maine incident President McKinley declared and asked the congress to have the authority to declare war and use some military force to stop the Cuban conflict with the Spain taking over. The war lasted back and forth. Even the Filipinos were fighting for their rights from Spain just like the Cubans. United States accepted both Cuba and Filipinos to help support them to win their rights and freedom from Spain. The war in the Philippines were claimed about four times as many Americans live as the war with Spain. In Paris, Spain and the United States had to sit down and work out on a treaty to do a peace commission. In which the Spain accepted it and decided to give the United States Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. The Spanish American War is Imperialism because both countries were fighting for land, revenge, also Spain and the United States were two unequal economies who are terrorizes each other.

Cuba was known as Spain's oldest countries that have one of the best sugar canes plantations and it also produced about 1/3 of the worlds best sugar around the countries. Many Cubans declared a war against the Spain which it was called the guerrilla war. "They managed to hit -and- run raids ,burned plantations and sugar mills, tore up railroad tracks, and attacked supply depots. The rebel knew that many American businesses had invested in Cuba's railroad and plantations. They hope that the destruction of American property would lead to American intervention in the war." [The American Version, Chapter 17] General Valeriano Weyler was a Spain soldier who understood the truth of what the situation between Americans and Cubans. He knew that the Cubans were sharing sugar with the Americans so he decided to put the men, women and children into reconcentration camp, a place where thousands of Cubans died of starvation and disease. Americans and Spain were both fighting and wanting Cuba for it's land and plantations.

The United States president McKinley was handed a war resolution as long with the Teller Amendment to occupy with the Cubans within five years. "For those historians who claimed the United States desired an empire, American behavior was odd what other empire legally bind themselves to abandoning conquered lands the instant they acquire them?" [Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen] United States took over half of the Spanish islands such as Guam, Puerto Rico and Philippines. This points out that this is imperialism because



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