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Examine the Impact of Foreign Intervention on the Spanish Civil War

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Essay Preview: Examine the Impact of Foreign Intervention on the Spanish Civil War

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Examine the impact of foreign intervention on the Spanish Civil War

Foreign intervention played a significant role in influencing the ultimate outcome of the Spanish Civil War. One of the main reasons why the Republicans were defeated was due to the extent that foreign powers provided the Nationalists with weapons, soldiers, military advisers and economic support. On another note, the establishment of the Non-Intervention Committee, which was signed by Britain, France and the United States, banned international support, apart from the International Brigades and the USSR, reaching the Republicans, thus, the unbalanced situation between the two fronts amplified the support the Nationalists were achieving from Germany and Italy. In the following, I shall analyse the significance of foreign intervention on the Spanish Civil War and to what extend did it affect the ultimate outcome of the war.

Both the Republicans and the Nationalists were being supported by foreign powers during the period 1936 to 1939 in the Spanish Civil War. As aforementioned, although foreign support was received on both fronts, there was an unbalance of foreign support. The Republicans were being supported by the USSR, who was frightened by the threat of spreading Fascism throughout Europe but was determined to wear down the weapons and power of Germany in order to prevent another battle in the future, whilst the Nationalists were being supported by both Italy and Germany. The idea of a third fascist empire on the border of France appealed tremendously to Hitler. Furthermore, Hitler realized the opportunity of moving to Mussolini, thus, loosen the tension between one of the powers, Italy. In addition, Hitler was attracted by the raw materials evident in Spain, hence, in return, Hitler was keen on acquiring various resources such as iron, copper and mercury, which would in time, provide adequate assets to build up a powerful army. It should also be noted that initially, German's supply were arriving Spain via Portugal, this may be due to the fact that Hitler wanted to remain disguised about the re-establishment of his army, preparing Germany for World War II. One of the key reasons why foreign intervention was critical in the Spanish Civil War, lies the fact that it provided large numbers of weapons and troops to their supported side. The unbalance of foreign intervention was caused by the fact that both Germany and Italy provided great amount of support: men, tanks and aircrafts. The involvement of the most modern aircraft and the Condor Legion services, which was Hitler's best fighting force, further catalyzed the ultimate defeat of the Republicans. Hence, several historians have noted the supply of the German Condor Legion, most notably the bombing of Geurnica as the most efficient and influential assistance in the Spanish Civil War.

In addition, although France was determined to participate in the civil war as well, Britain urged her ally that the establishment of the Non-Intervention Committee in



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