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The Tassimo Hot Beverage System

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Essay Preview: The Tassimo Hot Beverage System

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The Tassimo Hot Beverage System is a consumer coffee machine that prepares one-cup servings of espresso, regular coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and various other coffee drinks, notably those including milk such as latte or cappuccino.

It was first introduced in France in 2004 and is now also available in Andorra, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The machines were developed by Kraft Foods Inc.. The original machines were manufactured by Saeco and distributed by Braun. In early 2008, Proctor & Gamble, the parent company of Braun, began phasing out sales of Braun kitchen appliances in North America.[1] In August 2008, it was announced the new generation of Tassimo machines would be manufactured by Bosch. At the same time, Kraft announced double-digit growth for the second quarter in a row for its Tassimo coffee T-Disc sales.

All machines operate with the Tassimo-labeled coffee pod, called T-Discs. The beverages range in price from $0.31 to $1.12 per drink depending on the product.

Most Tassimo T-Disc coffee brands are owned by Kraft, and include: Gevalia, Maxwell House, Jacobs, Carte Noire, Twinings, Suchard, Milka, Cadbury, Kenco, and Nabob. Coffee from non-Kraft brands have also been available. Most notably, a series of T-Discs used to be marketed under the Starbucks brand. Additionally, Tassimo has agreements to sell T-Discs in Canada from supermarket store brand President's Choice, and coffee shops Second Cup and Tim Hortons. In the United Kingdom, T-Discs with the Costa Coffee brand are on sale as of September 2012.



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