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The Ten Lepers

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Essay Preview: The Ten Lepers

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Sean: Leper                      

Genn: disciple

Kent: Leper

Crishel: leper

Kenjay: leper

Teves: Leper

Mihyun: leper

Carylle: leper

Nathaniel: messenger
Piolo: leper

Aaron: God

Kevin: good Samaritan

Kaizen: leper

Jesriel: messenger


Mihyun           Nat2  Genn  Jesriel          Teves

Sean                   Aaron  Kevin                Kaizen

Kent                                                        Ronna

Crishel                                                    Carylle

Kenjay                                                     Piolo


Slippers, t-shirt and malong


All: Good Morning everyone, we are the group2

Narrator: During the day that Jesus was on earth, lepers were considered unclean and the leper had to call out to anyone near him. On a certain day, while Jesus is talking to one of his disciple, a leper who heard of his teachings and miracles of healing, made his way toward him.

Sean: Unclean! Unclean! Unclean!

Narrator: The disciple fearfully made way for the leper to come near the master.

Sean: [bow down knees] Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.

Aaron: Be clean. [Touches Sean’s forehead]

[Closes the curtain and erase the leprosy of the leper][Opens]

Aaron: Say nothing of this to anyone, but go and show yourself to the priest.

[Sean’s going to run away]

Narrator: But Jesus’ instructions to this leper were unheeded, for his joy, he ran away and told many people about His healing. Months later, when Jesus and his disciple left to Capernaum, they took the road south to Jerusalem. As they traveled along the border of Galilee and Samaria, they met the messengers that send ahead to find a place for all to rest along the night.

Jesriel: Did you find lodgings?

Nathaniel: No, the people were Samaritans and would not give us shelter or even sell us food because we are going to Jerusalem.

Jesriel: Lord, shall we call down fire from heaven to destroy them?
Aaron: Son of man did not come to destroy lives but to save them.

[Jesriel’s going to bow his head]-act of shy or something. .

Narrator: They continued their way to another town. Sometime later, in near the Galilean village which was close to the border of Samaria, a leper having met one of his own kind on the road was taking the man to their place.



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