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The Tiger Mom

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Olga Muts

Professor. Brunt

Composition 101

September 13, 2016

The Tiger Mom

Everyone who comes in from foreign country brings with them their culture. Every culture has own individual traditions that represent their own cultural identity. It could be religion, history, education, behavior, and other sources. China is one of the largest countries by population in the east, country with more than five thousand years of history. It had many rulers including dictators who loved power who were mostly men. In this country for a long time a female was humiliated. In traditional Chinese culture, married women went to live with their husband’s families and stay home care children. ‘‘The Chinese favored male children over female because sons brought workers into the family circle while daughters left to work for others.”  Now in a modern world Chinas’ women have a lot of freedom and take full advantage than their old generation. Apparently one of the authors and a Law School professor Amy Chua in her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger mom “represented to us cultural identity her individual education model of parenting methods. This is a story about a mother who is also a professor at Yale Law School and her two daughters Sophia and Louisa, and the old traditional way of raising your kids. It seems like every foreign parent will never be satisfied with their child no matter the outcome, and they will always be pushing their children for more and more.

In her traditional Chinese way of parenting, first she presents their cultural stereotype their own cultural identity and different ideas about the best way to raise your children. Second woman stereotype as very strong mother, title “Tiger mom” is an answer to that. The third is a relationship between parent and child in the relationship. Also familiarly it is a perfect model of the perfect good family.  Amy Chua said “I know some mothers of Chinese heritage, almost always born in the west, who are not Chinese mothers, by choice or otherwise. “Western Parents.” The way she raises her children in her traditional cultural method is way opposite of what we are used to in our everyday society or our “Western way where we give our kids whatever they want and whenever they want it because disciplining your child now is not the right way of raising them and is becoming almost obsolete.

In America we have freedom of choice, what you want to do in life and who you want to become. Kids outside of the school have lots of activities that they can participate in and this results in that the kids are not as focused on education. Kids can choose of what they want to focus on after the completion of their high school years if they want to pursue higher education and continue going to colleges and universities to get their degrees or just to go in to the work field immediately and maybe go back to receive their degrees later down the road. Chua explains how education is the number one priority and how achieving the best grade is the reflection of good parent and excellent parenting skills, because being to number two is failing and it’s not acceptable. Chinese mother will be to very evil and say “what is wrong with my kids? She asks herself if the child brings home a B grade. Because their parents demand a perfect grade, also they believe that their child can get grade up to an A. It is a very popular stereotype of over achieving read books for days and, spend countless hours studying subjects.  Amy Chua did not let her daughters watch TV, or play video games “or take part in garbage activities like crafts”. One of the times, “once her daughter gave her birthday cards of insufficient quality, Chua rejected and demanded new cards” This shows just how much dedication she has for her kids despite it might leave the child felling a bit un happy that her mother rejected the card she just made.



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