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The Warrior Philosophy: When to Back Down and When Not To

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Essay Preview: The Warrior Philosophy: When to Back Down and When Not To

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The Warrior Philosophy: When To Back Down And When Not To

The Warrior Philosophy to my eyes and to many eyes know that by being called a warrior you know your greatest power, meaning it can be mental or physical. By being called a warrior it does not mean that you bully others or feel superior to others. For being a warrior, you have to be able to back down from enemies who just are trying to hate on you and try to put there name out there by starting a fight with you. That is when you back down and walk away or just do what they say with out you trying to use your great power in defeating them. You have to have a strong mind to be able to not let people get to you. A true warrior always knows when to back down and when not to back down.

I would say my Warrior Philosophy would be my killer instinct. I chose that one because I am able to do whatever it takes for me to finish a task I'm on. I would say my parents have a big part in this because since the age of 18 slowly I have been paying for my own car, clothes, food and etc. My parents believe by doing this it helps me become responsible in future. By that it did bring stress to my attention because now I have to be able to do good in school and yet go to work so I have enough money to pay my bills. In the beginning, it was hard for me to do that, but after two years I have it under control, even though sometimes it does get hard but I do everything possible to get it done.

Another reason I have a killer instinct is because at work I am a team leader as a salesman in an electronics department which I have daily goals/monthly goals that I have to achieve every day. I work part time, which makes my goals a little tricky, but due to lots of practicing, I been able to achieve my goals with out getting anyone's help. Being able to teach myself how to multi task makes the job much easier. By that I mean when dealing with more than one customer at a time and trying to fulfill their need and same time doing paper works and try to work out a deal for me to close the sale. I like having challenges because it gives me a reason to be more aggressive than I already am.

Another reason why I have killer instinct is because when it comes to friends or classmates, I do feel like I am more responsible than others my age due to the responsibilities I have to deal with every day. Another reason is on weekends when my friends are out having fun; I am usually at home resting due to long day from work or studying for my classes. It does not matter to me if there is a party and I will be missing out as long as I get my task that I have started on finished by a certain time I would think that is a better feeling than being at a party.

In The Warrior Philosophy, the killer instinct it does not have to be physically, it can also be mentally also. Being thought as a young age about responsibility it is helping me and preparing me for the future



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