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The Water Wars Presentation

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Essay Preview: The Water Wars Presentation

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                                   The Water Wars Presentation

Slide 8: Water Footprint 

Water Footprint refers to the volume of water used to produce various products and services and it is both the direct and indirect use of water.

Green Water Footprint: It refers to the amount of rainwater required to produce a product. It is mainly relevant for forestry, horticultural and agricultural products. As discussed below, its impact may not be as significant as other water types.

Blue Water FootprintIt refers to the amount of groundwater or surface water required to produce a product. Water is derived from sources such as aquifers, rivers or lakes. Domestic water use, industry, and irrigated agriculture can each have a blue water footprint.

Grey Water FootprintIt refers to the amount of freshwater required to dilute pollutants to meet particular water quality standards (like the standards set by the US Clean Water Act).

Why is water footprint important?

Freshwater is a scarce resource; its annual availability is limited and demand is growing. The water footprint of humanity has exceeded sustainable levels at several places and is unequally distributed among people. Good information about water footprints of communities and businesses will help to understand how we can achieve a more sustainable and equitable use of fresh water.

The global beverage industry plays a huge role in water resource because water is the primary ingredient to their business, and with the growing population there is not enough resource to meet such demand. Analysis from the water footprint we see that the current rate of extraction is exceeding a point of water use that will cause serious or irreversible ecological damage.

How? Much of the water used is groundwater and its demand is constantly increasing, making it increasingly critical to understand where and why the stress occurs. This points to a critical issue of the availability of water in the world’s aquifers. Out of

  • The world‘s 37 largest aquifers, 27 of them have crossed their sustainability tipping points (meaning more water is being removed than replaced). Thirteen aquifers are in the most troubled category. This is a frightening scenario as groundwater takes millions of years to get replenished by snowmelt and rains.


As the world is growing and demand of water is endless, corporations are now beginning to recognize water as a central business conflict as water is vital to the survival of the industry.

Slide 9: A New Battle 

No other company could experience water conflict better than the Cola companies (cola cola and pepsi co) For both PepsiCo and Coke, the

Largest market is the United States. A tapering demand owing to health concerns and changing lifestyles in these markets however has resulted in the companies shifting their attention to the growing markets of


The struggle in Asia market hits the colas company pretty hard.

In 1990’s both the cola’s company entered India because the government of India attempted to attract foreign direct investment into the company. However within these time there was conflict and Cola cola was kicked out until 1993 when they reentered India with a wholly own subsidiary and pepsi invested a decade to negotiate before they entered India.

The Colas together had 92 plants in India and used more than 11 billion liters of water each year in their bottling production. From the moment of entry both companies faced scrutiny by activist due to issue of extracting water for manufacturing and extensive use of plastic/waste in bottling and packaging products.



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