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The White Giraffe

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Summary~The White Giraffe~Part 1

It was New Years Eve, and a little girl the age of eleven named Martine was dreaming of a very beautiful place that has a lot of flowers, Mountains, and trees. In her dream she healed a bird with a broken wing and that was badly hurt. There were other children there and they saws what she did and yelled "Witch, witch" and said mean things so she ran away. Then she awoke to a smell of smoke. Her house was in flames. So she had to jump out of the window. Her parents had died in the fire, and she was told that she had to move to a place called Cape Town, South Africa. To live with her grandmother that she had no idea she had.

It all happened so fast, the next thing she knew she was on a plane to South Africa. When she got there she was picked up by a friend of her grandma's and went to his aunt's house to eat first. His aunt had "Special Senses" and told Martine that she had a "Gift." Soon she found out that her grandfather was killed by hunters by accident. Tendi (her grandmother's friend) also told her about a myth about a White Giraffe. When she first met her grandmother she felt like her grandmother didn't want her that left even sadder. Very Soon she started school and made friends with some popular kids that where sometimes mean and bullied others. Then she was told about a ki8d named Ben. He didn't talk much and didn't hang out with anyone, he was also bullied by Martine's "friend's".

Later Martine stared to ask her grandma questions about her mom and her grandmother didn't say anything and told her it wasn't her business. Then Martine got mad because she wanted to know and she was sent to her room. Later that night Martine couldn't sleep, and she kept looking out her window. Then in the lightning Martine saw a glimpse of a white giraffe. Then in then she wanted to see if it was real so she snuck outside. She went passed the gate and almost got bit by a snake. And then she saw the giraffe, and it saved her from the snake. She petted the giraffe and felt a electric shock in her. Then she got a sense that his name was Jemmy, as if she could read his mind. After, she ran home because she was scared of getting hurt by another animal.

The next day Martine's class went on a field trip to a place called Botancial Gardens. It looked familiar to her, and then she realized that it was the same place that was in her dream. (Then her dream became reality.) She ran, and ran and then she founf that she was with Ben. The kids from her class where chasing her, and then Ben helped Martine hide and the kids went away.

Martine didn't speak of what happened at the Garden to nobody. The next day Tendi took Martine to a nice place for a picnic, he showed her many different trees and plants that were very useful, and that could be used for medicine. Then Martine and tendi went into



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