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Thelma & Louise

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Essay Preview: Thelma & Louise

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The ending of this film "Thelma and Louis" shows us that the two main characters are trying to head to Mexico, however as they are driving along the top of the Grand Canyon, they come across a police helicopter flying above them. This gives the audience the feeling that Thelma and Louis' journey has come to an end because there was no escaping from the police. At the end of that final scene, there are many armed policemen raising their guns and pointing at their car. When we see Louise turning to Thelma with a frightened face, this gives us the impression that they are thinking how can they possibly be put in jail when they have both found their freedom. These two women were accustomed to be living in a stereotypical life as two normal people and suddenly their lives became an unusual adventure and a big thrill by doing things they would normally not do. By the end of the film Louise turns to Thelma and Thelma says they should go on and continue their journey while holding hands. We see the car fall into the hole of the Great Canyon. The message the filmmaker was trying to send out to his audience was that Thelma and Louise's spirit will forever live. The movie doesn't end with a sad and tragic ending where you see Thelma and Louise's car destroyed and on fire, instead there is a scene of a freeze-frame of their car and the movie ends. This to me represents their freedom because they have both escaped from all of society's rules. Another significant message the filmmaker is also trying to point out is that not all males are all the same. They aren't all offensive towards woman and some could be genuine and trustworthy in order to save someone else's life. Thelma and Louise have done things that aren't socially excepted in our society, however, the police officer still runs after the car as it is about to fall of the cliff, trying to save them both.

This movie starts out with a black and white road and then leads to blue mountains and then gradually is in complete color. The background music of the film can be recognized as country music. The representation of the road makes the viewers imagine that Thelma and Louis is a movie about a two friends that are about to partake in a journey. As Thelma and Louise begin their journey, there are many different sound affects being used throughout the film but the majority of the music playing in the back round is country music. Thelma and Louise are both presented as victims. When this particular crime took place, Thelma is he victim in this situation and the hero would be Louise because she saved her. Although Louise took law into her own hands, she knew she committed a crime and would be punished for it. Which lead to their adventure of escaping from their so-called crime. There are several close-up shots, throughout the film in order for the viewers to read the expressions of the characters faces. For example



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