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Thelma and Louise Film Analysis

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Essay Preview: Thelma and Louise Film Analysis

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Thelma and Louise Film analysis


This film Thelma and Louis is a feminism film, filmed in the 1990s. This movie represents confrontation, men, violence and “girl power” but in a darker side. This film also shows in the point of view from the women’s eyes, voice and their experience. IT is a great film because we have seen so many films about man bonding and now the role is flipped, it a female bond. This friendship is very tight, they decide to go on a road trip and s=may things happen on their road trip, but hat happens they try to stick up for each other. They are both accomplices basically.

Masculinity is portrayed in where man act macho and try to rape and have the power and authority to control a woman. An example would be where Thelma (traditional female with depends of her husband) wanted to go a weekend trip with her friend and she felt like she had to ask permission to her husband like a child, instead of just informing him about his plans. She was scared to even mention her trip to her husband so she left a note. Louise on the other side she more independent and does not rely on a man to take care of her, she cares for herself and she seems to have more experience than Thelma. She is more of a modern woman. She is a strong and independent woman. You can see that where Thelma is in danger and soon to be raped but Louis comes to the rescue and saves her by shooting him. She then takes care of Thelma like a child telling her not to worry. Their friendship is a tight one where generally a woman’s friendship is based on intimate sharing of personal feelings and details of their life’s and problems with men.

Man in this film are shown as insensitive men, not paying attention much to woman’s feelings, narcissistic, selfish and wants it their way and authority and father life figure but can are also unsure of what they want like a child. Which can be seen where Thelma calls her husband but he does not pay attention. He just orders her to come back home, Thelma is clearly unhappy in her relationship. This is like a movie of a fight between “girl power” vs. the man.

The ending is weird. Where Thelma and Louise were looking at the beautiful sight of the canyon but then the helicopter comes out and cars surround the woman. They decide to not get caught and run against the man and are set into freedom from this world of male society. They kiss each other goodbye and run away in their car not wanting to get caught, they won on having the right to be crazy just as men. Their car is seen drifting of into mid air and the music is up beat sounding like as if they are now free and it is a happy ending for them.



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