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Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Essay Preview: Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy

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  1. My present story is in my middle school, I feel a feeling of being very scared and upset. That incident caused me to go to school normally. Because I am afraid of happening again, I have never dared to go to school. This is the case, I am a transfer student. Then my character is very introverted and very timid. So I am alone. And I barely talk. Maybe my introverted personality, so no one dares to come and talk to me. One day, I went to a place where no one was sitting down to read a book. Suddenly several senior girls came over and they looked fierce. Just then they suddenly pulled up my collar and told me to hand over the money, or they would beat me. I pushed their hands off and tried to escape. But they are too many people, and they are caught back. They started hitting me and pulling my hair. I cried and called for help, but no one dared to come. All looked and fled. I was scared at the time. Finally my money was stolen by them. But things didn't end there. They are still coming to me for trouble. I tried to tell them that I was going to tell the teacher. They threatened me to find my home if I told the teacher. At the time, I was afraid that they would find trouble with my family. So I chose to not tell the teacher that they bullied me. They are getting older and older. Come to me every day. My money is robbed every day, and they will slap and pull my hair if I don't give it. Later, my heart began to suffer trauma and did not dare to go to school. I didn't start talking. Even my family talking to me and I am very quiet. Because I am very scared, I always think about the pictures of them bullying me. I can't sleep at night, worried that they will find my home and continue to bully me. I have reached the state of being mad. During that time, I decided to commit suicide. This will not be bullied me again. I chose to cut my veins to commit suicide. When I was about to cut, my mother suddenly came in the room. She saw that I was going to commit suicide and immediately robbed the blade on my hand. She kept yelling at me. She is still crying. My mother is very worried about me and tells me how to live if I am dead. I saw my mother so sad, I also cried. So I saw that my mother cares so much about me and loves me so much. I chose to survive. In the end, I told my family about the truth. The family also helped me transfer to other school. Although I was transferred to school, there was no similar incident. But my heart will still be very scared and upset. Always think back to the picture that was bullied at the time. I am often awakened by nightmares. There is already a shadow in my heart.

  1. The cause of the problem is my character is very timid and introverted. I dare not face the problem. I choose to escape. I can't communicate with people normally. I will not resist. Not only that, I am not good at communicating with my family. I often have negative emotions myself, but I don't say it. Therefore, they have been bullying me when they saw that I was bullied face. They like to find the target of my weak and seemingly bullying. Because they think that even if they bully me anymore, I dare not say it. So they daring to always ask me trouble. Because of my weakness and fear, I did not report things to the teacher. So it caused such things to continue. Because I did not tell the family about things. So no one helped me find a solution. Because I didn't say anything, it caused me to suffer from insomnia at night. For these reasons, my condition has become so bad.

  1. The techniques from the chosen approach I can apply is cognitive behavioural therapy. Because of it is a psychotherapy orientation, a conversational therapy, a goal-oriented and systematic process that addresses the loss of functional emotions, behaviours, and cognitive problems. (Integration in Psychotherapy,2018) Cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychosocial intervention therapy that is the most widely used method of evidence-based treatment in dealing with people with mental illness. Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on developing individual coping mechanisms that are useless patterns, behaviours, and emotional adjustments in the face of solving current problems and changing perceptions such as opinions, beliefs and attitudes. (PSYC 100, 2018)It originated in the treatment of major depressive disorder and is now used for a variety of mental health problems. This symptom and related frustration depression can be alleviated by learning new information processing techniques and coping mechanisms. The development of cognitive behavioural therapy is mainly through the combination of behavioural therapy and cognitive therapy. Based on the theory of very different differences, these two traditions have found common ground in focusing on this moment and alleviating symptoms. (CPCE Vocab, 2018) Many cognitive behavioural treatment programs for specific conditions have been evaluated for efficacy and efficiency. (Nursing Theories, 2018) Treatment with an empirical research foundation is a trend in the health care industry. This type of treatment will take specific treatments according to the diagnosis of symptoms. Therefore, cognitive behavioural therapy is more health care than other therapies such as psychological motivation. The love of business. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a treatment for many mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, binge eating disorder, and clinical depression. (NHS Choices, 2018)And my problem is post-traumatic stress syndrome. So this therapy can really help me to solve my problem. Based on my question, I have studied various aspects of the information. This treatment option is best for solving my problem.
  1. I did cope with the problem is I through online to find some information about my problem. I first understand the mood and the root of the problem at the time. I will review myself first. Then I have self-criticize and I want to think about the various causes of the problem. I tried to change my introverted personality and began to communicate with others. I also became bold. I found out that it was so happy to be friends with people. And when I encounter difficulties, my friends will help me find a solution. Instead of me facing the problem alone. And the forces are beginning to be strong, no one dares to bully me again. I also began to learn to communicate with others. If I am not happy or something that I cannot solve myself, I will tell my family. However, many people find ways and solving things easily. And if someone bullies me, they will stand up and protect me for the first time. This makes me feel that there are people who care about me and love me. It makes me have the motivation to live. For my family, I tried to overcome all the problems to avoid they worry about me. After that, I have no more troubles. The problem of my insomnia has also begun to decrease. Lastly, the solution to the problem is to first identify the root cause of the problem. Then make changes based on the root of the problem.
  1. On the whole, I am very satisfied me with my current relationship with counselling because counselling makes me solve a lot of mental problems. Some heart trauma can't be solved by myself. So need counselling to solve it slowly. They have some professional ways to coach on different issues. Counselling is something that ordinary people can't do. It may also make the condition or problem worse. Counselling can be changed for someone who is traumatized by the heart. And can also help solve the problem. That is also a place to complain. Some people dare not tell people around them about their thoughts and problems. But with professional counselling, you can let the client trust it and speak up with your heart. In this way, you will not always keep your problems in your heart. If too much negative emotions have been in my heart. Over time, the problem is getting worse. It is likely to cause severe depression. Counselling is a method that is both trustworthy and the easiest to solve in your heart.



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