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Tip Top Printing and Copying Shop Case Study

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Essay Preview: Tip Top Printing and Copying Shop Case Study

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 Purpose: Printing and Copying Shop

 Goal: Successfully integrate managers into our Printing and Copying facility

 Objectives:

 Manage and supervise an efficient and effective office

 Maximize production

 Maintain a positive working atmosphere

 Motivate the workforce to a high level of achievement

 Minimize attrition

 Improve the bottom line

Tip Top Printing and Copying Shop is a US based company specializing in the Printing and copying shop. The company has opened a new branch in East Orange, New Jersey and is preparing to send managers to New Jersey to run the new manufacturing plant. Because the skill levels of workers are dramatically different from the company managers, the new branch will use a vertical organizational structure to facilitate in the flow of information and solve problems.

Managing a company in New Jersey will be more challenging than normal day-to-day operations in the state of Maryland. East Orange makes up the large majority of New Jersey's population, speak English as the official language, and follow the Muslims religion. Besides the language and religion differences, the labor demographics incorporate a large number of children under the age of fifteen in the work force and discriminate against female workers. Managers transitioning from Maryland to New Jersey will have to adjust to both the language and the cultural differences.

To successfully manage New Jersey workers, managers will have to foster synergy by remaining modest, exhibiting self-confidence, taking the initiative in the absence of senior leadership guidance, be creative when solving problems, and being a symbol for others to follow. Involving employees in decision-making and problem solving will also help employees feel like they are part of the team. Furthermore, rewarding performance will result in an increase of retention and satisfaction among workers. Overall, the key to successful leadership in New Jersey is the same as in the Maryland; lead by example, follow the ethical standards of the company, and always base decisions on what is in the best interest of the company and the company's employees.

A vertical organization structure enables unresolved issues to flow up through management until resolved and allows information to be passed along to employees through a chain of command. The director maintains control of all situations by combining all four divisions to form a uniformed company working towards the same goal.

Factors that I would take into account when assessing a potential location for my business would



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