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Tips on How to Capture Gaddafi to End the War in Libya

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Essay Preview: Tips on How to Capture Gaddafi to End the War in Libya

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Mummar al Gadaffi is a Libyan leader. He is a politician who brought revolution in his country way back in the year of 1969. He overthrew his predecessor in a bloodless coup. He has been ruling Libya for the last 42 years. He brought some revolutionary changes in his country with a mixture of socialistic and nationalistic ideas. Over the years he became an authoritative leader and ruled like a dictator. He amassed billions and billions of dollars for himself and his family. He had a bitter relation with U.S. but tried to establish better economic ties with western countries after the imposition of U.N sanctions.

Politically he was a failure and due to his dictatorial form of government a political unrest started in Libya which was basically inspired by recent unrest and protest in different parts of the Arab world. This unrest against Gadaffi quickly resulted in a civil war. This kind of situation made NATO to take action against Gadaffi and his government. Fighting in Libya is going on, rebel forces and Gadaffi faithful soldiers are fighting to take an edge over each other but neither of them is in an advantageous position.

If the people of Libya believe that their ruler is not serving the country and nation but just only a usurper they have to become united. This unity will give them strength and pave the way to force Gadaffi to stop the civil war and surrender to his people. The international media and observers nowadays in Libya should report independently and show the world the true picture which is actually happening in Libya. This will help understanding the actual situation which will be resulting in international backing to the forces fighting against Gadaffi. Strong international support and backing to the rebel forces in Libya along with sanctions and embargoes against Libyan government is imperative to bring down Gadaffi. U.N should pass resolution against Libyan government for the violation of human rights and public safety and security. U.N sanctions and pressure from international community will isolate Libyan government and boost the chances of the downfall of Gadaffi regime. The world should not only ignite the rebellion thoughts in Libya but also support those forces that can bring back normalcy in the country. Thoughtful and responsible behavior and action of the international community will not only bring the end of civil war but it will result in the capture of Gadaffi which is the ultimate goal of the Libyan nation.



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