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To Understand the Preference of General or Consulting Physician

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Essay Preview: To Understand the Preference of General or Consulting Physician

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Most of doctors prefer paeracetamol while only around 20% of doctors prefer aceclofenac in fever and pain.

The combination of peracetamol and aceclofenac is very much accepted by doctors but they don't prefer a single dose of aceclofenac in formulation for both fever and pain relief.

Aceclofenac is mostly prefer as a anti-Inflammatory drug which is prescribed in Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Tooth pain, Post operative pain, Headache, Joint pain, All type of pain type condition rather than the antipyretic drug.


Doctors say that best characteristics of Aceclofenac are its effectiveness, onset of action and Less side effects .

The quality is appreciated by the doctors but the main reasons for less preference of aceclofenac are its price and lack of awareness in comparison of other drug.

Suggestions and Findings

Most of the doctors think that the price of aceclofenac is high,and due to this aceclofenac is not prescribed to every patients. So the Price should be reduced up to some extent.

Awareness of aceclofenac is less than the other drugs like PCM and Diclofenac. More Awareness and promotion is required for aceclofenac.

Quality and efficacy of aceclofenac is very much appreciated by doctors so company should focus on quality while marketing. So sales might be increased.

Doctors prefer aceclofenac as anti inflammatory drug rather than anti pyratic drug so more focus should be given on its marketing strategies to promote it as an antipyretic drug which can be used in fever and pain both.



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