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General Marshall - World War 1 and 2

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Essay Preview: General Marshall - World War 1 and 2

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Generals in I and II World War. Relationship with Eisenhower. Since General Marshall had been aid-de-camp to General Pershing during the last part of World War I, he was awere the animosity that had existed between his boos and army Chef of Staff General Peyton March. General Marshal saw to it that friction never occurred between himself and General Eisenhower. Not once during World war II general Marshall told general Eisenhower " You do not need, to take or keep any commander in whom you do not have confidence" and there was never any doubt that all officer in the European Command were under General Eisenhower, and in Far East under General MacArthur. Throughout World War II, general Marshall also insisted that the Combined Chefs (composed of American and British officers) not interfere with General Eisenhower conduct of operations in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. He objected strenuously whenever the Combined Chiefs attempted to issue orders or advice to any field commander.

In January 1945, just prior to the Yalta Conference, top Allied generals met at Malta. One most important items on the agenda for this meeting was selection of strategic plan for concluding the war against Germany. The British presented one plan, General Eisenhower, represented by Chief of Staff General Walter B. Smith, argued for another.General Marshall, who was present, felt so strongly about General Eisenhower's authority as Supreme Commander that he insisted Ike's plan be adopted and presented an ultimatum to the British members of the Combined Staff. He inform them that if the British plan was submitted to the Prime Minister and President Roosevelt, and approved, he would have no choice but to ask for General Eisenhower's release as Supreme Commander.



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