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Tragic Hero of Antigone - Creon

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Essay Preview: Tragic Hero of Antigone - Creon

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I personally believe that the tragic hero of Antigone is definitely Creon. He demonstrates numerous times during the play, through his stubbornness, self-pride, and controlling demands. Creon is so overwhelmed with idea of becoming king, he overlooks basic human morals, and instead makes rash decisions without thinking properly. Creon is a very controlling, close-minded human, and demands the respect of the entire city. He sometimes forgets to think about what is right for the city, and instead thinks about his own personal benefits. Creon's downfall starts when he decides to host a state funeral for his nephew Eteocles inside Thebes. While simultaneously announcing, that anyone caught attempting to bury Polynices will be immediately put to death. His next mistake is after Antigone tries to bury her brother, and Creon decides that she must be killed. Creon never once thinks about basic morals or the fact that Polynices was his own nephew. Creon seems to think he knows everything, and persistently refuses to listen to others. Even when his own son Haemon tells him he is foolish, Creon quickly refuses the comment, and continues with his actions. Haemon states to his father, that if Antigone should die so should I. Creon refuses to listen to his son, and Haemon runs away, insisting that he will never see him again. Antigone is entombed alive, Haemon runs away to find her, and the prophet, Tiresias, visits Creon. Tiresias informs Creon that he has gone against divine law, and needs to redeem himself. At this moment, Creon finally realizes how much destruction he has caused, and orders for Antigone to let free, while arranging for Polynices to be buried. At last Creon understands what he has done, and is ready to change his ways. The only problem is that Antigone has already died in the tomb, and Haemon had found her body and choose to take his own life as well.



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