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Transforming Experience - Call for Leadership

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Essay Preview: Transforming Experience - Call for Leadership

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Call for Leadership

Individual Reflection Paper 1

1. Reflect on one transforming experience of your life. What did it take from me and what did it give me? What did it ultimately teach me?


I can keenly remember way back last year, month of May when I received a note from Company’s health department about the result of my APE (Annual Physical Exam). It imparts that the I need to come around the clinic to have some discussion with the Company’s doctor concerning my APE results. It didn’t call much attention on me as I don’t see the importance of such notice. I supposed I’m so pre-occupied and much focused on the things I need to finish and jobs I need to work on that’s why urgency didn’t kick off. Week passed by and I forgot that I’ve received a health concern notice. Come last week of the same month after a meeting, our department clerk approaches me and gave advice that the clinic nurse called and requesting for my presence. Thinking it’s a discussion or some sign off paper need to be conversed with and just to abide a company ruling, I went immediately. As I approached the clinic nurse, the usual procedure took place. She gathered all my details, get hold of all my files, and endorsed me to the Company’s doctor. The doctor read through all my files and asked some health issues and concerns. I can recall that almost all of my answers were leading into “I’m in a good health standing and I feel fine” approach. She showed me and explained further one of the lab results which is my blood test. Its shows unusual figures. She gave recommendation to have it test again in a hospital and for further assessment. Once again, it didn’t strike me that much. I conceived because I have other priorities in mind. Weeks again passed by and I didn’t pay attention to it until I felt unusual. I felt so tired and drained even just by sitting around. Through my curios mind I set appointment with our family doctor just to make sure I’m all good, and I’m scheduled for a long business trip for the following week I need to make sure everything is fine. As usual process the doctor advised for some test results. When I got the initial test, once again it shows negative result. All parameters don’t meet the required standing. I was advice to get specialized doctor for blood which is a hematologist. It took 3 months to resolved my blood complications. And on the last consultation when the hematologist about to give me a clearance she gave advice for me to go to rheumatologist for further assessment. Once again, I undergo several lab test and medical procedures.

Then this day came, one of the transforming experiences of my life is when I was diagnosed that I’m in borderline of having a Lupus. It’s the finding that my rheumatologist has read to me. Lupus is a long-term



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