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Transportation Ways

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Air Transportation

Air transportation is the fastest method for transporting goods from one place to another. It is also an expensive mode of transportation as the weight and volume is the main factor in deciding the cost of transport. The packing and packing materials used for air transport should be adequate in providing for protection of the product but also play an important role in lowering the weight and volume to save on transportation cost. Products that are transported by air are being handled by a variety of material handling equipments. During transportation, the cargo is subjected to vibration and shock caused by the aircraft engine and aircraft landings. This vibration and shock can cause harm to the packed product. The product is also subject to the environment when it is stored in the air terminal before and after transportation.

Water Transportation

Water transportation is a popular transportation mode for international trade. It provides a convenient and cost effective mode of transportation. Cargoes to be transported by water are subject to many types of material handling equipments. Vibration from the ship engine together with the rolling and rocking motion on deck the ship will cause damage to the product. Besides that, the products are also subject to climate and water damage. For cargo transported in shipping container, they are usually stack-up for maximizing the space of the container. Packing material used for packing of the product has to be able to withstand the weight during stacking.

Train Transportation

The hazard caused during train transportation is similar to those caused by air and water transportation but with greater intensity.

Road Transportation

Transporting goods by road is the most common transportation mode because of its cost and flexibility in schedule and timing. Products that are to be transported by truck are subject to significant material handling risks during the loading and unloading process. During transportation, the product is subjected to vibration, forward and lateral movement depending on the road conditions which can caused harm to the product. Adverse environmental and climate conditions during transportation can cause damage to the product.



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