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Transportation Developments from 1820-1860

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Essay Preview: Transportation Developments from 1820-1860

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How did developments in transportation bring about economic and social change in the South in the period of 1820 to 1860?

Thesis: Transportation developments brought new ways of opening up the sale of agricultural goods from the South to other areas around the United States


* Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin

* Interchangeable Parts

* Canals, steamboats

* Railroads, Roads


* Ship agricultural goods up North and to West (Cotton)

* Brought larger plantations that relied on slave labor

* Put South behind the North: lack of factories and industries


* Need of more slave labor by big plantations

* Adhered to old feudal social order

* Communication within the South because of the North's pressing abolitionist movements

Conclusion: Agricultural goods such as cotton were able to be transported all over the U.S. because of the Transportation developments following the market revolution.

Body Paragraph #1:

Transportation developments brought about economic change in the South in the period 1820-1860 from opening up the transportation of agricultural goods to other regions in America. Goods like Cotton produced in the South, were a big economic booster when transportation to the North and West opened up. Due to the South's unwillingness to allow much manufacturing and industry, the South only made their profits from exporting cotton to the factories in the North. The large plantations began to rely on slave labor to continue their requests for numerous amounts of cotton, reducing the amounts of immigrants transported to Southern farms. In the North, the economy was thriving compared to the South's because of cities and manufacturing companies being able to ship their finished technological advanced products to the West and South.

Body Paragraph #2:

Developments in transportation brought about social change in the South in the period 1820-1860 by putting in stricter slave codes and emphasizing white supremacy. Due to the increase in transportation, white plantation owners increased their need for slave labor on the cotton farms, putting stricter slave code policies everywhere in the South. If the South was going to survive, they needed the slaves to work extra hard and produce as much cotton in as little time as possible.



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