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Treadway Tire Co

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Treadway Tire Co

1. What is the relationship between line foreman at Treadway's Lima Plant and other groups within the plant: general supervisors and area managers, senior management, the union, hourly workers, others?

The foremen are caught in the middle of an adversarial relationship between the union and management, and they must cope with the needs and interests of both.

2. How do line foremen feel about their jobs and why?

The foremen feel dissatisfaction in their job because of :

a. The nature of their work : Strenuous nature of long shifts

b. Promotion and growth : No advancement opportunity

c. Nature of supervision : dissatisfactory

3. What are the consequences of those feelings?

They perceive limited opportunity for career advancement. Solving the problem requires rethinking the philosophy that guides workforce management and changing the Treadway culture that has grown up around that philosophy.

Dissatifaction with the job because of:

a. Insensitive management

b. Lack of growth

c. Lack of training

d. Discrespectful behaviour

Will causes High turnover

4. What are the elements of the work that contribute to the problem?

Most of the problems are caused by the inefficient system that is in place

5. What action should Ashley Wall recommend?

a. Transparency in organization

b. Appreciation and motivation of the workers

c. Teambuilding

d. Organized training system within Treadway Tire

i. the training would have to happen right away for all management from foreman to managers. The initial training would help all of the leaders to be on the same page

e. Less pressure on the foreman and supervisors for immediate results on things that were outside their control

i. Pressure for results should only be applied when the employees are given the proper resources to succeed

ii. Upper management can increase pressure when there are inefficiencies within the system

By implementing a few of the changes, Treadway Tire will see an increase in the morale of the employees and a better relationship with the unions. In addition, the stress on the foreman and



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