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Tritex Industries.

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Essay Preview: Tritex Industries.

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Tritex industries offers the 1300 printers in 20-foot container under FOB incoterm and cost per unit is 727 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). The cost of each unit in USD will be $11.33. Tritex is well reputed company and Bobby also purchased virtual reality goggles from them las year. Their cost per unit is also very low.

As Tritex is going to use FOB (Free on Board) incoterm, so the cost of insurance and freight will be paid by the shipper. As shipper has to deliver the goods to the specific destination as decided in the contract so all the risk of damage or loss would be bear by the shipper only. Beyond the delivery point, all the risk and ownership of the goods will be transferred to the buyer. As, the terms of payment is letter of credit, so the buyer will have the risk to get good quality of goods whereas there is no more risk of payment. Buyer will bear the cost of damage and other risks and responsibilities after getting the goods at destination point.

There are main concerns of Bobby to get the printers from the supplier which are reasonable price, high quality 3D printers that can meet the expectations of Optishop specifications. There are some other costs of transportation and delivery about which Booby needs to look after. The cost related to damage of goods, insurance of goods, other damages happened while transportation, labour cost for the unloading of goods etc. Moreover, there can be some fluctuations which can occur in the currency. He also needs to see the proper price and quality of the goods which can meet his expectations. He also requires to see the payment of terms by which he has to pay the cost of goods. By looking such costs Bobby can make an effective and well satisfied deal with the supplier.



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